Mrs Kokab Farrukh is a lover of arts, food and children, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She is a Pakistani - Nigerian, Abuja based artist with two decades of experience and influence in the education, art and culinary industry in Nigeria.

She efficiently runs Kokab House of Arts, K & F British School, and K & F Food Art together with her husband and three children

Kokab House of Arts is an art gallery that nurtures visual artists (especially young one). We started in 2013 basically to empower youth and children to promotes their works and exposes them to the public (Internationally and locally), collectors, media and cultural institutions.

As an artist she is actively involved in drawing, painting, furniture designing, dress designing and calligraphic works. The vibrant and colourful designer wears hand crafted by Kokab Farrukh are deeply inspired by African and Asian culture.

She teaches Children’s art in a manner that will enhance a student natural ability and interest to learn art, increase self-confidence and expression, appreciation and understanding of artistic styles and learning skills.

Her students have various awards, including Gold Medal in National and International competitions, 15 awards out of 20 in European Union were from her space.

Daily Nigerian

The High Commissioner thanked Nigerians and diplomats who honoured his invitation to K&F Art & Food.

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Press Reader

My art exhibition is about Infinity..

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Pakistan High Commission Abuja

My art exhibition is about Infinity..

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The Young Communicators Initiative

  • 12th August 2023
  • Corporate Communication Masterclass


Painting 100%
Fashion Design 100%
Public Speaking 100%
Ceramics 65%
Music 100%
Pottery 80%